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Elotus beauty care products for aesthetic medicine
Aims and goals
Value Proposition:
1, concerned about product safety, friendliness, quality, environmental protection, corporate social responsibility
2, to provide customers with safe, high-quality, high-set, high efficiency, environmentally friendly products
3, so that the customer's skin beautiful, healthy, satisfied
Jan. 2008: Foundation of Elotus Beauty Studio.
Sep. 2012: Foundation of Elotus Beauty International Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2015:Foundation of Elotus Beauty International Co., Ltd. expand business
Brand concept
Elotus Beauty care product for aesthetic medicine is a professional care product based on bio-tech and is specifically designed for young and mature ladies of the orient. The raw materials of the products are specifically selected from natural, new and essence material of Switzerland, France, Germany and Japan, and most importantly, it is made in the kingdom of bio-tech, namely, Taiwan.
Core values
To use cutting edge technology to produce high unit, high quality and high performance all-round care products. Our products make the modern lady younger, more attractive, more beautiful and more confident.
Product advantages
We have a professional R&D and manufacturing team, which also possesses rich cosmetology knowledge and sharp view of fashion. Our team understands the real needs of all kinds of skin care. We insist on providing effective and excellent care products for our customers. Our products can be divided into five main categories, namely, cleaning and whitening, balanced nursing, activation and regrowth, anti-wrinkle nutrition, and isolation and sunburn prevention, etc. Our products can satisfy the all-round needs of skin care of modern ladies.
Features of our products
Our products are based on bio-tech extraction.
Rich in Our product possesses functions such as anti-aging, moisturizing, whitening, wrinkle-removing and delicate skin effects.